Imaging a safer future - No 30 - December 2020

Happy Holidays from NEXCO!

We Celebrate this Year's Succes


We take this opportunity to give a special thanks to all our treasured constituencies as we celebrate a grimly challenging, yet in some ways rewarding, year. We especially would like to thank our clients who supported our efforts to image a variety of different structures, our partner companies who continually advise us on our journey, and the NEXCO group companies who have shown their continued support across borders. We also owe everyone on our own inspection team a pat on the back for jobs well done in Florida for mobile bridge scanning, New Jersey for interior leak detection, Virginia, and Maryland for pavement scanning, and very notably in Indiana for mobile deck scanning of a large selection of bridges.

While our face-to-face meetings have certainly decreased in number, we have never felt more connected because of the many webinars we hosted and attended this year. Connecting, reconnecting, catching up, and learning more about new topics has proved itself invaluable in strengthening our network. Remember, we are always will host a discussion online about our scanning technology!

Speaking of Webinars be sure to tune in to our 10th anniversary webinar presentation on January 11th, 2021! We will feature five guest speakers who have been dually influential in the civil market and on our company's growth. Some of whom you may know very well: Dr. Necati Catbas from the University of Central Florida, Nenad Gucunski from Rutgers University, Chris Sanders from Lindsay Corporation, and more.

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