Imaging a safer future - No 14 - August 2019

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The second generation of internet-based applications, Web 2.0, is characterized by more user-generated content and the growth of social media. Social media facilitates the sharing of information, knowledge, thoughts, and ideas in various means, and it has become a place to bring awareness as well as to democratize emerging technology. Our feeds relay emergent topics in the fields of transportation, civil engineering, and NDE.

Stay tuned to how we apply our NDE technology on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. See shots from the field and finds from our NDE data. Finally, get insight from our engineering experts on inspection practices, transportation policy, and more.

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NEXCO-West USA Attends Digital Summit, Minnesota

The Definitive Digital Marketing Gathering

NEXCO-West USA attended the Minneapolis, MN Digital Summit conference to broaden our marketing knowledge base. We were fortunate to listen in on several well-informed presentations. As a result, we renewed our encouragement to implement new ways to get the word out about our causes: increasing highway safety, reducing long-term project costs, improving structural life-cycle efficiency, and more readily delivering relevant data into structural owners' hands.

Historically, NEXCO-West USA has been a developer of innovative imaging methods. Taking what we learned at the summit, we strive to not only develop, but also ingrain our technology into inspection practice across the US. We believe that our mission and values can help catalyze the transition from conventional inspection practices to rapid digital inspection practices.

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