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Q. Please provide your requirement of image resolution and thermal resolution to be input to your software for classification.

Our software is capable of analyzing vast types of images and resolutions, the quality of output for our inspection software is really dependent on a number of factors:

  1. The type of cameras used and the methodology to capture the images

  2. Distance away from the structure

  3. Resolution

  4. Location of the image capturing

Q. What are your crack mapping capabilities? What software package is used? What technology is needed?

Our software can detect cracks automatically. To ensure the quality of the analysis is comprehensive, we have an experienced engineer review the software's analysis for additional inspection. Ideally, we would call this sort of analysis semi-automatic.

The types of software use to analyze cracks is completely dependent on the method of collecting the images as well as the hardware used for the data acquisition.

Again, this is completely dependent on the type of inspection and analysis that is done. For specific information on the types of technology need, please consult our development team for detailed input.

Q. I would like to discuss a project opportunity, who can I contact with a project inquiry?

Our main points of contact would be Kyle Ruske or Alberto Rodriguez.

They will be able to answer any questions or concerns you ma have regarding potential projects.

Their contact information is and

Q. How much do each of your software packages and technical hardware cost?

Please contact Kyle Ruske or Alberto Rodriguez for detailed quotations for our inspection technology.

Q. How much do you charge to conduct an inspection and analysis for my project?

For our inspection services, believe a brief initial meeting to discuss your needs and the project scope in order to formulate an accurate quotation for the inspection and analysis.

Q. What types of civil structures can your technology analyze? Materials?

As seen on our website, we are capable of inspecting bridges, bridge substructures, roadways, tunnels, building facades, railways, parking structures, dams, etc.

We specialize in concrete inspection and also have the capabilities of inspecting asphalt pavement.

Q. Can you use your software packages with other types of hardware not utilized by you?

Yes, our software packages can analyze images and data collected from hardware not traditionally used by NEXCO.

However, this is dependent on the quality of the data acquisition as well as other detailed factors.

Please contact us with specific questions that pertain to the types of technology compatible with our inspection software packages.

Q. What are the technical specifications of your technology?

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the technical specifications of our technology with you in more detail.

Please contact us with specific questions involving the specification of our technology.