Imaging a safer future - No 01 - July 2018

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NEXCO - West USA and FLIR Partnership

Reinventing the Structural Inspection Procces


NEXCO's innovative inspection techniques incorporate image various roadway surfaces from a truck-mounted system. We combine visual and thermo graphic data to detect deficiencies within the surfaces. Translating cooled infrared thermography (IRT) into deficiency maps helps us to analyze subsurface concrete defects. High-speed scanning is highly beneficial for network-level bridge inspections. Data accumulated at the network level allows bridge owners to identify problematic bridges and further narrow down detailed inspection efforts. Owners also benefit from increased efficiency in maintenance budget allocation.

At highway speeds, lane closures and obstructive forms of traffic control are avoided. Not only does this prevent traffic jams, but it also keeps inspectors and motorists out of harm's way. Our technology also minimizes the subjectivity that is introduced in traditional sounding techniques, where the inspection results are heavily reliant on the knowledge and experience of field inspectors.

Currently, we are working with FLIR, the global leader in thermal imaging infrared cameras to provide a faster, safer, and more effective way of inspecting concrete bridge decks. Click on the link below to learn more about NEXCO.

NEXCO Accomplishes Virginia Project

VDOT Presents NEXCO's Inspection Results at NBPPC


In 2017 NEXCO successfully completed the deck scanning of 20 bridges in 7 different districts in Virginia. The project was a part of the Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2). A quick overview of the project was introduced by Jeff Milton (VDOT)

Watch the full conference by clicking on the link below to see the state DOT officials' insights and opinions on IRT technologies.

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