Imaging a safer future - No 10 - April 2019




The 2019 Bridge and Tunnel Inspectors' Conference, formerly known as the PNW Bridge Inspectors' Conference (PNWBIC), was held in Hilton Portland Downton from April 23 to 25. Hosted by Washington State University, the event featured speakers from FHWA, state DOTs, the private sector, academia, and other bridge-and-tunnel-related institutions. The theme of the Conference was Modern Solutions for Managing an Aging Infrastructure. The information presented focused on innovative, yet highly practical techniques for safety inspections of bridges and tunnels.

NEXCO-West USA was in attendance and we had an opportunity to present our very own solutions for inspecting bridges, tunnels, and other concrete structures at our booth. We were also excited to learn about the new regulations, perspectives, and technologies that will soon impact our field. For those who visited our booth, thank you. We really appreciate your interest in what we do. After attending the Conference we are, now more than ever, sincere in our conviction that the service we provide is absolutely necessary.

Many presentations showcased concerning critical findings that could have been uncovered by high definition scanning. We provide affordable, high speed scanning that can detect, interpret, and identify the exact location of deficiencies. There are no need for lane closures, and no inspectors exposed to the threat of oncoming traffic. NEXCO-West USA is committed to providing safer bridges and tunnels, and is confident in its ability to do so.

NEXCO-WEST USA Took part in Annual SEBPP Meeting

Decision Makers and DOT's


This April, NEXCO-West USA was part of the annual SEBPP meeting in Baton Rouge, LA. This conference is a forum to discuss bridge preservation strategies, and to promote the most updated information on efficient and effective tools that extend highway and bridge lifecycles. The industry of structural analysis benefits when its participants come together to share and disseminate information and methodology on inspection, maintenance, and construction practices. The event is supported by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in cooperation with The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Asset Management.

There, NEXCO-West USA showcased its Deck Top Scanning System (DTSS) to better serve South East transportation system's users. The state-of-the-art technology employs a combination of infrared and line cameras to scan a variety of concrete surfaces at speed while also providing high resolution and details. Earlier in 2017, NEXCO was the prime consultant for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and used DTSS to successfully scan 20 bridges in the state.

NEXCO's DTSS results have proven useful in understanding the real, as-is condition of bridge decks. Utilizing real-time condition data allows for better planning and prioritization of maintenance activities. In terms of operational decisions, it assures the highest level of accuracy at the lowest cost. Predictive maintenance is vital to infrastructure health. NEXCO stands ready to deliver timely results without compromising on attention to detail.

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