Imaging a safer future - No 29 - November 2020

20 Bridges Across Indiana Scanned by DTSS

Interactive HD Deficiency Maps


NEXCO completed the evaluation of 20 separate bridge decks in the state of Indiana this November. We used our mobile visual and infrared scanning system, DTSS to capture the deficiency data. Very similar to our scanning of 20 decks for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) in 2017, it demonstrated how mobile NDE scanning adapts well to network-level projects. The field operation was accomplished with excellent timing and yielded insights on the conditions of all 20 bridge decks.

The scanning procedure took place over a single week under favorable weather conditions. Our team of three inspectors enjoyed the bright landscapes and fresh air of the countryside during the driving. Interactive HD deficiency maps showing the locations and sizes of specified deficiency types were uploaded for the client to view on our online viewer platform, and he hope this data aids them well in their future evaluations of the bridges.

Predictable Services in an Unpredictable Economy

Measurements in Place for COVID-19


Facing the unpredictability in how COVID-19 and new direction from the federal government might impact the US's economy, we wanted to highlight some ways that NEXCO can help keep infrastructure projects manageable. How can engineering firms create proper timelines, budgets, and task forces for upcoming infrastructure projects? We believe that rapid non-destructive evaluation (NDE), especially using mobile scanning vehicles, offers a mobilization option that makes scheduling much more flexible.

Scheduling for field operations and report submissions has become downright calamitous due to the need to spontaneously quarantine, send team members out for testing, and work around increased sick leave. Given this reality, project managers' goals have unfortunately devolved into frantically shortening fieldwork by jam-packing it into as few days as possible. As you may guess, the "Let's just get this done as fast as we can!" principle obviously has some flaws: an increase in mistakes and a decrease in quality, to name the big two. If you are performing hands-on or visual inspections, strongly consider NEXCO's rapid NDE techniques to capture large amounts of data from a structure in a short amount of time. This way, you can slim down your schedule and add value to your project rather than detracting from it.

NEXCO has mobilized for clients in Indiana, New Jersey, and New York this year to obtain rapid NDE data (in the form of visual and IR imagery) on short notice and with very few team members sent to the field. Following fieldwork, the findings were distributed online from the field to the office and/or team members' homes so that we could generate inspection reports with few disruptions. To learn more about how we can reduce the complexity of your fieldwork and reporting, reach out to us as and tell us about your project's next steps.

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