Imaging a safer future - No 03 - September 2018


Half A Century of U.S.-Japan Collaboration


The 50th annual Midwest U.S.-Japan Association (MWJA) conference was held in Hilton Omaha from September 9 to 11 to discuss how trade and international partnerships can grow between Japan and Midwestern states. Five U.S. Midwest State governors and three Japanese prefecture governors, as well as representatives from prominent Japanese companies such as: Kawasaki, Toshiba, Honda, Toyota, Kikkoman, and Mitsubishi were in attendance.

Masato Matsumoto, NEXCO-West USA's President and CEO, was invited to the conference as an Executive Panelist to discuss Transformation in Infrastructure. He presented the partnership between Lindsay Corporation and NEXCO's which has succeded in bringing the RoadZipper System to Japan. This transaction has been instrumental in strengthening U.S.-Japan ties by sharing knowledge and innovative technology.

The U.S. and Japan both face the problem of an aging infrastructure. Government agencies must overcome procurement regulations, which is one of the main obstacles to facilitating the application of innovative technologies/products to the transportation infrastructure. Therefore, sharing technology, knowledge, and innovative solutions is critical for international cooperation and success in the global market.

The SmartEAGLE has arrived

Road Scanning at Extreme Speed


NEXCO offers a simple method of scanning roadway surfaces at high speeds while ensuring precise data collection. The SmartEAGLE (Asphalt Pavement Scanning System) uses both laser and visual camera systems mounted on a vehicle providing users with Cracking, International Roughness Index (IRI), and Rutting information.

The SmartEAGLE allows for a more versatile approach to roadway surface analysis. Its compact nature and easy-to-mount rig to a truck means that airport runways, bridge decks and highways with any high-traffic concrete surface can be surveyed with ease and accuracy.

Click on the link below to download the SmartEAGLE brochure.

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