Imaging a safer future - No 08 - February 2019

Southeast States Bridge Deck Scanning Demonstrations

Positioned to Meet the Structural Consulting Market


During the latter half of February, NEXCO-West USA engineers traversed the Southeast in its mobile deck scanning vehicle, DTSS. In addition to capturing the beautiful scenery, the engineers also captured the condition of the concrete bridge decks they passed over.

At the request of several State DOT representatives, NEXCO-West USA completely imaged 18 bridge decks across the states of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. The data will be delivered back to structural owners free of charge as part of the demonstration campaign.

Moving into the month of March, NEXCO-West USA seeks to contribute their findings to the commendable effort of FHWA and its affiliates who continually contribute to the Long Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) online portals. NDE data from inspection projects across the nation are accessible here, and NEXCO-West USA aims to supplement the results with their advanced imaging capabilities.

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NEXCO-WEST USA Colloborates with Pacific Consultants, Inc.

Improving Evaluation Through Connection


NEXCO and Honda representatives visited the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to discuss furthering the development and validation of Honda's new vehicular sensor. This vehicle-mounted-sensor detects road roughness (IRI), textural deficiencies, and other failing sections of roadway surfaces.

NEXCO-West USA developed the Smart-Eagle to measure IRI at speeds up to 60mph. The Smart Eagle roadway inspection system was successfully used to verify and validate the accuracy of Honda's vehicular sensor.

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